Professional Writing Services

Additional Professional and Personal Writing/Editing Services

(more than 30 years experience)

Should I say it? How much should I say? Every letter, speech, article, notice, memorandum, card... must convey the idea you have in mind. Sometimes you're just busy. Other times you're too emotional.A professional writer and editor can cut through the extraneous chatter and get to the true concept, story or thought you really want to convey. In the process, a miracle happens. You'll see the clean, simple, finished product and say, "I could have done that," but you didn't. This is what creativity and calm allows. It brings out exactly how the communication should be. Or do it yourself :) If you need me, I really can help!

One hour of consult time to create your communication (not for resumes/career documentation)


Two hour consult/direct working time for your communication (not for career documentation) Let's talk and create. Great for speeches, letters of emotion...
What else can I compose or edit for you?
Available Professional Services
  • Professional Profile
  • Biography
  • Copy for Larger or Corporate Publications
  • Business Newsletter
  • Ghostwritten Article
  • Book Editing
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Article Editing
  • Synopsis Writing or Editing
  • Speeches
  • Brochure Content
  • Letter of Intent (for academic entry)
Available Personal Writing Services
  • Letters of Emotion
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Wedding Speeches
  • Vows
  • Recipe Books
  • Family History
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What it is (speech, letter, etc.)
Type of business it's for or audience
Estimated word or page length
Source of content (i.e., provided or not provided)
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