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Cover Letters

Should I say it? How much should I say? 
Will the reader understand who you are and what you offer?

There are so many variables in career documentation. Your cover letter is a place for content that is often not appropriate on a resume. During your consultation, we will discuss your personal job search situation. The benefit of working with a professional writer is that you will receive an objective viewpoint and career documents that will give you the very best advantage.
Consider packaging a new or updated cover letter with your new or updated resume. Packages are available to $ave.

Customizable Job Search Cover Letter


Customizable job search cover letter written for you. $69.90

Update existing job search cover letter previously composed by the Resume Master


What else can I compose or edit for you?
List of Published Work, Speeches, Projects ...  $69./minimum.  ↓ contact me with project details re: length of speech, topics, etc. for an accurate quote.
Letters of Emotion (love letters, letters from parent to child or teen, letters to a court or company...) Contact DorothyO at with details re: your special writing project.  
Brief consult/Deposit $69.  ↓ 

Brief consult & deposit towards Letter of Emotion